• For those of you who have trouble posting
    I post from an IPad. This is how you do it. […]
  • Addressing the Nuclear Elephant in the Room
    Whether we like it or not, we cannot live without nuclear energy […]
  • Co-founder of Virtual Reality Jaron Lanier Wants a Mulligan
    Jaron Lanier is a genius. That is an indisputable fact. He's one of the smartest people on the planet. He's one of the people who invented virtual reality but now he wants a Mulligan. […]
  • My i-Genie
    "No Problem!" […]
  • How to Create and Publish Podcasts on BindleSnitch
    Step by step instructions for how to create and post podcasts on BindleSnitch. […]
  • WordPress Hacks: Removing the Block Editor Nag Screen
    If you are a WordPress administrator, or even just a user, you have probably noticed this nagging message every time you begin a new post in the back end of your WordPress theme: "This post type is set to use the classic editor by default for new posts. If you’d like to change this to the block editor, […]
  • WordPress Frustrations: It does almost everything, eventually
    WordPress solves a lot of problems for website designers, but each theme also comes fully equipped with a number of quirks that have to be managed through the use of plugins, but plugins often conflict with one another causing some amusing issues and some issues that are anything but amusing to stressed out website designers. […]
  • A Short History of Adblockers and Their Effect on Us
    The interesting thing about ad blockers is that they don't actually block most advertising. They are specifically designed to block display advertising - and they can only block display advertising when the advertising copy […]
  • I am not important enough to be paranoid – and neither are you
    I am not important enough to be paranoid. In fact, I’m not important enough to pay attention to myself. I don’t even read the stuff I post online. Why should I? No one else does. The idea that we are important enough to be under surveillance is really very amusing because no one ever asks the question: who is doing the watching? […]

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