Super Bowl XLIX – A Game That Will Never Be Forgotten

Super Bowl XLIX was the final wrap on the 2014 football season, and featured a contest that not many people will never forget. New England Patriots (14-4) and Seattle Seahawks (14-4) fans gathered in front of their television sets Sunday evening to watch their favorite teams battle for the championship title. Those backers were on the edge of their seats, figuratively speaking, from the first snap to the last interception in a game between two evenly matched teams.  In the end, however, the Patriots pulled out a 28-24 victory behind a masterfully implemented game plan.

The defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks rolled through three quarters, and entered the final period protecting a 24-14 lead. The Patriots, however, came up with two touchdowns to lead 28-24 with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter. Seattle moved the ball down the field, implementing their two-minute offense with skill and precision, and ultimately reaching the Patriots’ one-yard line. That is when catastrophe struck for Seattle. With time running out, Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson threw a final, controversial pass into the teeth of the New England goal-line defense. Patriots rookie Malcolm Butler snagged the errant toss to save the game and give the team their fourth Super Bowl title.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MVP after successfully completing 37 out of 50 attempts for 328 yards, two interceptions and four touchdowns.  With the MVP award comes a brand new Chevy Colorado truck from General Motors, but Brady has said that he doesn’t want the truck. The quarterback, instead, wants the truck to go to Butler, the rookie whose goal-line interception saved the day for Brady and the Patriots, according to an interview published on “I would love to give him the truck,” Brady said. “I would love to do that. I’m going to figure out how to make that work.”

Some reports suggested that Brady already gave the truck to Butler, but the actual transaction has not taken place, according to Cristi Vasquez, the communications manager for Chevrolet. “I can tell you we have not been contacted by Tom Brady yet,” Vasquez old”We would be happy to recognize Malcolm Butler for his game-changing performance, just as the Chevy Colorado was recognized as a game-changer.”

According to the New York Post, Super Bowl Sunday racked up an average total of 114.4 million viewers on NBC, thus making it the most-watched game in television history. The nail-biter topped last year’s contest on the Fox network by approximately 2.2 million viewers. What is so amazing about this is that as popular as this game was, the numbers for next year’s Super Bowl will likely top it as well, as the number of viewers who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl has increased each year since 2006.

According to Variety, the Super Bowl half-time show, fronted by Katy Perry, was also the highest on record (118.5 million viewers) – about three million more than last year’s Bruno Mars concert on Fox. Perry, whose famous hits include I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream and Roar, delivered a magical performance using dancing sharks, pyrotechnics and various colorful outfits that would make even RuPaul jealous. Other names performing at the Super Bowl included Lenny Kravitz who sang a Katy Perry song, Rihanna, Cold Play, Missy Elliott, Idina Menzel and John Legend.

NBC not only produced remarkable numbers on the big tube, but managed to rack up approximately 800,000 viewers on the NBC Sports Live Extra website as well. In regard to costs of advertising, according to Bleacher Report and CNN Money, a 30-second commercial racked up $4.5 million, which is up from NBC’s asking price in 2012 of $3.5 million and the $4 million charged by the FOX network last year.

Even though Super Bowl Sunday is over, many fans and other television viewers are still discussing the controversial play that led to Patriots victory over the Seahawks. This may be the most talked-about play in Super Bowl history – at least until next year, when there will likely be another that keeps America talking for months.

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