The Colin Kaepernick Myth Is Dead

When it was announced that Colin Kaepernick had reached an agreement with the National Football League, high fives were heard all around the country. In an article at Yahoo! Sports, which has since been taken down, it was declared that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback had “beat” the NFL and must have received a lucrative settlement, maybe even in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The rationality for this assertion came from the fact that league had battled New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady all the way to the Supreme Court. When Brady had been suspended for allegedly deflating balls, he sued the league and originally won, but would later lose at the appellate level. He then ended his challenge when it appeared he would not win at the highest court in the land, accepting the suspension.

To the writer, this was proof that Kaepernick must have clearly won. After all, if the league was in the right they would have fought tooth and nail to prove it, thus, the quarterback must have earned a massive sum.

Did We Forget Fake News?

Within just a few days of the announcement, there were already many who concluded that the settlement was not going to be that big. NFL insider Mike Florio explained that settlement was likely to be quite small. The reasons were obvious.

Any large settlement would have required that all owners vote on the agreement. That did not happen. Only the league’s Management and Executive Committee agreed, meaning that the settlement was likely no more than a few million dollars at most. We will know that answer soon, because the Green Bay Packers, the only publicly owned team in the league will be required to issue a financial report to stockholders that will reveal the amount the NFL paid.

The Cult of Personality

Since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee to protest police brutality against blacks he has become bigger than life. In fact, it would not be surprising to find out that some who are reading this article will genuflect every time they read his name.

Any criticism of the quarterback is not allowed in progressive circles. In October 2018, Mark Salvas, who was the executive director of the Democratic Party in Allegheny County Pennsylvania, was forced to resign because, a year earlier, he had posted on facebook “I stand for the flag, I kneel for the cross.”

That he did not bow to the lord almighty Kaepernick was sacrilege. Never mind that he was a former marine who risked his life for his country. His post was “insensitive” and “offensive” to many of the Democrats in the state explained Representative Ed Gainey. His statement should have been “I kneel for the flag, I bow for Colin Kaepernick.”

The media has attempted to make the former quarterback bigger than life. In 2017, he was the runner-up in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, but was named the Citizen of the Year by GQ that same year. Nike made him the face of their advertising, and there is speculation that he could already be Time’s Person of the Year for 2019.

And What Does He Have to Say?

Everyone loves the stance that Colin Kaepernick has taken. He has been so vocal in his frustration about the struggles blacks face in America and has advocated for candidates that could bring about real change.

Wait, actually he has done none of those things. In fact, since being released by the 49ers following the 2016 season, he has been oddly silent. The man who changed America by taking a knee, who has fought for the rights of blacks, has had almost nothing to say at all. The only time he speaks is to receive awards, because his handlers know that if he has the chance to speak to himself, he will only hurt his case.

In November 2016, Kaepernick was blasted for his support of Fidel Castro. It seemed ridiculous to protest “systematic oppression” in the United States but then laud Castro who was an oppressive dictator. The 49ers would play in Miami the following Sunday, an area that contains a large number of Cuban refugees, where he was booed profusely. The controversial statements, along with the fact that the team was struggling, led to his benching, and his contract would not be picked up following the season.

That began the Great Silence. GQ ran an article titled “Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced,” which was ironic because he stopped talking in public (other than to receive his award). The article praised how smart he was for recognizing the “power of his silence.” The New York Times concurred, pointing out in September 2018 how brilliant it was that the former Super Bowl quarterback had stayed out of the public spotlight, choosing to let others speak for him.

Truly, that wasn’t smart on his account but was a brilliant move by his handlers. The lovefest with Castro proved that Colin Kaepernick was clueless about history. When he opened his mouth, it would only hurt his case, so they let everyone else speak for him. He became the “Silent One” to preserve his image.

The NFL Threw Colin Kaepernick a Bone

This brings us to 2019. For three seasons, those speaking on behave of Colin Kaepernick have declared that he has been “blackballed” by the NFL because of his protests or, according to them, because he is black.

The truth is – that is pure crap!

It is true that some teams refused to sign for the former 49ers signal caller, but that came purely out of fan reaction. When it was announced that the New York Giants were considering bringing him in, fans flooded the team’s switchboard with calls explaining that if he was signed, they would not be coming. The same was true in Green Bay.

There were teams that were willing to give him a shot, primarily in areas where his politics fit well with their “We hate America” stance. This included the Seattle Seahawks, who began talks with the quarterback. However, the team opted to not bring in Kaepernick. When asked, Head Coach Pete Carroll would not respond if money was the issue, which was clearly his way of saying that was the issue.

What we are going to find out is that Colin Kaepernick had plenty of offers to play in the NFL. The reason he didn’t sign was because he expected to one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league, even when it was likely that he would be a backup. We will see that Kaepernick wanted $15 or $20 million a year and rejected every offer that did not meet his threshold. This way he could reach his true goal – to continue to play the victim.

You don’t believe that? Here is your proof.

The NFL started a new spring football league this year – the Alliance of American Football. Kaepernick was offered a job in the league but refused. According to a Sporting News article, he demanded $20 million!

This a league where every player gets the same salary – $225,000 over three years. Kaepernick knows that. He asked for an amount no one would pay because he knew he would not get it and then he could shovel the manure he has American buying.

However, isn’t it interesting that within a day of that report he signed an agreement with the NFL? The truth about why Colin Kaepernick has not been in the league was about to come out and the Colin Kaepernick myth was about to come to an end. This wasn’t a guy that was denied his opportunity because of racism or blackballing. It was a guy who made his living off of being a professional victim, and his victimhood was about to come to an end.

The only reason he got any money at all was because the league was generous enough to offer him some compensation so he could keep up his persona.

I will admit that it took some courage to kneel originally. Colin Kaepernick showed some real moxie by being willing to make a statement in the most unpopular of ways. However, his true character is now revealed. This is not a guy with courage, but a coward, willing to let others speak for him and to have all of us believe something that is not even remotely true. The Colin Kaepernick myth is dead. You can stop genuflecting.

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