The FBI’s On The Hot Seat – Again

It’s a funny thing. Back in the sixties and seventies, we were all sure that the FBI WAS a criminal enterprise that spent its time spying on the anti-war movement, planting drugs on black separatists, and generally making nuisances of themselves.

There is no doubt that the FBI fabricated evidence against the Rosenbergs, collected dossiers on everyone from Martin Luther King to Bozo the Clown (literally), tried to destroy Cassius Clay when he adopted Islam and became Mohammad Ali, levied charges against a wide array of innocent parties, by creating a blacklist, and generally did a lot of bad things that no one really believed, although they were true.

Fast forward to 2022 and now we are hearing the same charges being leveled by ultra-far-right apparatchiks with not-so-secret ties to Russia, egged on by a Russian asset who somehow managed to become president of the United States…but the FBI hasn’t changed at all.

What kind of people join the FBI? The pay sucks, relatively speaking. The working conditions are rather horrendous. It takes a real patriot to absorb the kinds of hostility that agents are exposed to.

What kinds of people take jobs like that? Right-wing, conservative patriots.

If the right-wing conservative patriots who dominate the FBI workforce are pressing the attack against Donald Trump, as they obviously are, then there has to be some fire under all that smoke.

In the meantime, in a classic case of a carnivore eating its own young. the MAGA-MAGGOTS are now turning on the very government agency that they once depended upon to advance their agenda.

The worm turns.


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