The “Murder” of Julian Assange

Maybe not physically, but Julian Assange’s reputation, credibility and physical freedom certainly has been “murdered” by the Powers That Be because he dared expose them for the corrupt, rat bastards they really are.


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Murder, in this case anyways, was a premeditated act and was revenge based.

There was “political conspiracy” out the ass regarding the hiding of facts, blatant lies, twisting of the truth and plain old “collusionary silence” on the part of the media and the Democratic Party (which makes them both major accessories, before, during and after the murder.)

Case in point…  how many of you know that last month the DNC’s lawsuit was dismissed by a Federal Court…  not JUST dismissed… but dismissed WITH prejudice?

DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks dismissed in major free press victory


You most likely didn’t know about it because most major media sources, like The New York Times and The Washington Post either buried a few paragraphs on page 25 and/or didn’t even mention it at all.

This is after they spent literally months relentlessly smearing, maligning and slandering Assange by saying he was a “Russian agent” and depicted him as part of a conspiracy to derail Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US elections.


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I don’t know if it strikes anyone else as being “criminally ironic” when the people who “murdered” a journalists reputation that the people who are openly and admittedly colluded to commit “murder” did so by accusing someone else with “collusion”?

To me that simply shows what corrupt, vile people who run the Democratic Party (and that extends to many of their “favored” candidates who reflect their Centrist ideals.)


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