The ‘Partial-Birth’ Abortion Myth

Scott Roeder, the Kansas murderer of gynecologist George Tiller, was, in April, 2010, sentenced to 50 years. He’ll be then eligible for parole. His sentence was, rightly, doubled by the court because of overwhelming evidence that he’d stalked Dr. Tiller long before shooting him at his church.
Dr. Tiller was perhaps the single person in Kansas offering distressed women later-term procedures, what anti-abortion radicals call ‘partial birth’ abortions. Not only is the imagery both needlessly alarmist but it’s false. The imagery suggests babies’ heads halfway out of birth canals ruthlessly slaughtered by maniacal Frankensteins-with-forceps. It’s just not so.
Fox News, no one’s Pro-Choice Beacon, reports:
-Of the 1.6 million U.S. abortions performed each year, 91% are done in the first trimester, 9% are performed in the second, and about 100 [100 procedures only], or .01 percent of all abortions
are done in trimester three.
-60% of those having abortions are white, 35% are black; the remaining 5% are Asian, Hispanic, etc.
At the least this should make clear that the ‘partial-birth’ radicals are using an infinitesimally tiny number to smear  women and their doctors who seek and perform abortions for any reason.
Let’s go into this a little further.
Who chooses to have third trimester abortions?
Women who have these abortions have:        –
-heart failure; and/or
-uncontrollable diabetes; and/or
-very serious kidney disease; and/or
-uncontrollable hypertension; and/or
-serious clinical depression
In addition, women who choose this rare move
          -are teens with little proper education and have not known they are pregnant until the third term; and/or
          -are teens and women who lack the money for a first-term abortion due to a lack of proper medical professionals in their area; and/or
          -are women lacking a partner or other sources of emotional/financial support.
The Court has said that when the life and health of a woman are at issue, late-term abortions are permissible. These particular procedures are so rare that a reasonable person has to know that the uproar over it has been nothing more than another disingenuous way the hysterical and histrionic religious Right has sought to subvert ‘Roe v. Wade’, your right to choose.
The unrepentant killer, Mr. Roeder, on the really off chance that he should live in prison until 2060, may see daylight. I hope that he does. I hope he next glimpses sun and clouds when he’s really able to enjoy a gorgeous day in the park, when he’s one hundred and one.

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