The State of the Political Union

The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference.

When lies and hypocrisy are treated as the rhetorical and moral equivalents of truth and fact In public discourse, reason and reasonableness no longer matter.

Politicians who demonstrate a willingness to be openly ignorant and publicly stupid are able to win elections with lies and hypocrisy on the basis of political popularity even as they lose or refuse to engage in the debates that are predicated on matters of public policy.

The logical thought process is being displaced by irrational mob violence online and in the streets….

Hate is not an ideology.
Hope is not a strategy.

Far too many Americans can’t, or don’t care to, discern between a political party and a cult of personality…

Far too many Americans are indifferent to the extremes and extremism in public life and are mischaracterized or misrepresented by the media as being middle of the road, ideological centrists or undecided fence riders.

Far too many of the people who are classified as ‘undecided’ are uninformed, misinformed, unknowledgeable, unimaginative, and semi-literate. They are the gullible dolts, incapable of thinking for themselves, who are looking for a demagogic magician to pull their political rabbit out of a hat.

The problem is their votes count as much as the votes cast by the well educated and well informed portion of the electorate.

If the Republicans had their way, the only votes counted would be the votes of the indifferent and unaffected regarding the plight of our democracy which is in dire straits.

The existential threats from within our borders are real. If left unchecked, they can and will be the complete and total deconstruction of the American administrative state and the complete and total undoing and destruction of the American political experiment in democracy and the ideal of the ‘American Dream’.

Far too many Americans believe that the promise in the American experiment in universal liberty and justice is proprietary and belongs to them exclusively.

Far too many Americans are bereft of an understanding that the promise of liberty and justice for all is the inclusive social and political imperative that cannot and should not be relegated to the trash heap of meaningless euphemisms and empty platitudes.

Liberty and justice for all is the bedrock principle and paradigm upon which the concept of America is predicated and must be applied to all citizens evenhandedly and equally irrespective of race, creed, color, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.

American freedom belongs not only to those who believe that they can buy the blessings and benefits of freedom to the detriment of others less fortunate.

American freedom belongs to all citizens who have the right and will to endeavor to earn the blessings and benefits that American freedom can bestow.

This is, or should be, the force that unifies us as Americans for it is this unity that will continually operate to preserve, protect, defend and guide our pathways and courses as we move forward toward the achievement of the vision of that more perfect union where America isn’t merely ‘great again’ but simply great; period, full stop….