The Unwitting Perpetration and Perpetuation of Racism

“The conventional depictions of historical icons always reflect the prejudices of the predominant culture of the period. What is remarkable is that we are now conscious of this when before times we weren’t.”

—–Alan Milner

Iconic images reflect prejudices and beliefs that are so deeply ingrained in our society and culture that they can elicit an unconscious or subliminal, involuntary, reflexive response….Use of such images reinforces, reaffirms, and reasserts the underlying message…

Would the Real Beethoven Please Stand Up

Which image do you think Alan chose to represent the nature and purpose of the BindleSnitch “Musician’s Page”?

By selecting the stylized Aryan portrait of Beethoven, Alan has clearly contradicted himself and become an unintentional, subconscious perpetrator and perpetuator of racism…

This kind of thing happens all the time…everywhere….

And I’m sure to catch hell for calling it out here…




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