These Terrific Women Are Unequalled, and So Under-Paid

I have eagerly taken in World Cup Fubtol from the time our Chinese students, in 1986, set up big screens and hauled equipment and seats to rooftops across Tianjin University’s campus to watch the matches from Mexico City, Argentina’s guys edging Germany’s 3-2 in the final, at three in the morning Peking-time.. There was no escaping the month-long event and I’ve forever been grateful.

Of course, for the past twelve years, we have seen our women reach the finals three times, now having twice won the Cup. This past Sunday’s match v. The Netherlands was an unbridled triumph. Over the expanse of the tournament, our women never trailed an opponent. They could teach our fellas how to play The (Beautiful) Game. I want to see our guys back in contention as much as I want the women to win yet again.

Too, I look forward to seeing both our squads contend in next year’s Olympics at Tokyo.

What must change, as our women have now long argued and now have a deserved and growing fan base to emphasize, is the inane and plain wrong gap in reward/pay for all the hard work (as you’ll note in the chart).

We must do better.



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