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Ron Powell

Bio: As a work in progress, I'm a lawyer by training, a teacher by nature, and a musician at heart....


  1. koshersalaami
    12/28/2020 @ 9:35 am

    The change triggered by the Floyd murder is both more and less than expected. The most important thing about it is that in many critical circles its impact has not subsided, and these tend to be circles with significant influence on further general impact.


  2. Ron Powell
    12/29/2020 @ 5:50 pm


    I don’t suppose you remember this assessment of the media and all components of mass communication:

    “From genesis to the nightly news, and all the commercials in between, the message that white people are superior and entitled is repeated incessantly….

    It’s been going on for more than 900 years….”

    Newspapers are just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, of what must be acknowledgement and accountability on the part of every aspect and component of proprietary and public mass communication in this country….

    Let’s hope that the impulse behind these apologies is as contagious as COVID19….


  3. koshersalaami
    01/01/2021 @ 4:29 pm

    The impulse has manifested in some interesting ways. Yesterday I happened to have Satellite music talk on for a few minutes and some guy was talking about his favorite songs of 2020. I didn’t have it on long, I heard some weird COVID thing involving Cardie B, but then the guy mentioned a song by a folk singer who does traditional Apalachin music, a guy from a small town in Kentucky by the name of Tyler Childers. He’s a big enough deal to have done a Tiny Desktop concert for NPR a couple of years ago. (I knew nothing about him.) Anyway, he released an album a couple of months ago entitled Long Violent History. It was mostly instrumental fiddle stuff but the very last song, which he tried not to announce was on the album at all just so it would surprise people, was the title song, Long Violent History. It is not a long song, I think a little over three minutes. I would advise checking it out.

    This is a version with lyrics.


  4. koshersalaami
    01/01/2021 @ 4:30 pm

    Oh, and Happy New Year


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