Tom Hanks and Wife Rita Test Positive for the Coronavirus

Tom Hanks and Wife Rita Test Positive for the Coronavirus:  Actor Tom Hanks announced on social media that he and his wife, the actress Rita Wilson, have tested positive for coronavirus.

Now, wait a just a doggone minute!  Just what the hell kind of twisted, demented, dystopian world are we living in, when people like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson come down with the dreaded coronavirus, yet Donald Trump is still happily galavanting around the country, holding his P. T. Barnum-style pep rallies – and telling everyone that the coronavirus is fake news?

Bloomberg Campaign Staffers Offered Chance to Keep iPhones and Laptops:  Former Bloomberg Campaign staffers just received an email, informing them they have the option to keep their work-provided iPhones and laptops as a kind of severance pay – but also warned that employees will still liable to pay taxes on those items.

OK, and that’s all just fine and good – but the truth be known, what everyone really wants to know is, “are those folks also gonna get to keep those extra-fancy Mike Bloomberg t-shirts?”

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