Tomi Lahren Claims We Need Guns for Defense Against Immigrants

Tomi Lahren Claims We Need Guns for Defense Against Immigrants:  Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren is claiming that Americans need guns in order to fight off the unlimited illegal immigrants pouring into the United States, adding that citizens need the ability to “defend themselves” because “we don’t know” who’s coming into this country.

Well, she’s certainly not alone in her thinking.  I mean, there have been quite a few other well-known folks who’ve said just about the same thing.  You know, people like Dylann Roof and El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius to name a few.

Of course, the 2nd Amendment does call for a well-regulated militia.”  That said, I always assumed a well-regulated militia” meant organizations like the National Guard – and pretenders like Billy Joe Bob and his pals running around acting like tough guys by walking into Popeye’s restaurants fully armed with loaded assault rifles  – not so much.

Anyway, it must be difficult living in constant fear like Tomi and her fellow Trump worshippers?  Why, these folks are scared of immigrants, scared of criminals, scared of the IRS, scared of the deep state, scared of schools teaching evolution and science and scared of universal healthcare.  Now I’m no statistician, but for a bunch of badasses, that sure seems like a whole lot of being scared.

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