Top U.S. Diplomat Paints Damning Quid Pro Quo in Testimony

Top U.S. Diplomat Paints Damning Quid Pro Quo in Testimony:  Senior U.S. diplomat to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr., painted a devastating portrait in testimony on Capitol Hill of White House-directed efforts guided by Rudy Giuliani, to pressure the government in Kiev to “publicly investigate” a Democratic political rival and his son or face a cut-off in aid – in effect, subordinating national interests to Donald Trump’s political prospects.

Now, if there’s one thing that’s as predictable as Trump’s golfing weekends or his affinity for Eastern European women – it’s Trump cultists insisting this is just another nothing burger.  And I can kind of see their point.  I mean, all he and Rudy did was form a secretive shadow government which withheld taxpayer money Congress allocated to prevent the Russians from overrunning Ukraine – until they agreed to publicly investigate Trump’s likely election rival over some phony conspiracy theory which they were warned early on was completely bogus.

Then, a little later – they simply decided “oh hell, let’s just turn all that Syrian territory which US soldiers fought and died side-by-side with the Kurds to defend – over to Turkey and the Russians – and so they did.  Now, with that little task completed, Trump then decides to award himself the contract to host the G-7 Summit.  I mean, as acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney so aptly put it – the President has a business to run.  Who could possibly fault a fellow for that?

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