Trump Admin Offered Assange US Pardon if He Cleared Russia

Lawyers for Julian Assange say he plans to claim at his extradition hearing that the Trump Administration offered him a pardon by then-Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, if he simply agreed to say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic National Committee emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 U.S. election campaign.  

In response, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is calling the claim “absolutely and completely false,” adding that the President doesn’t even know Dana Rohrabacher.  All I can say is, this President really has himself quite a long, impressive list of people “he doesn’t even know.”

Anyway, it appears that the President had a pardon for sale, in exchange for false testimony.  And now, Trump just pardoned Rob Blagojevich – a guy who also tried his hand at sales, by trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat.  

Hell, it sounds like the President was simply trying to fill the vacancy left in his salesforce after Rohrabacher left – and prefers to hire folks who have sold, demonstrated sales experience like Blagojevich.  Who can blame him for that?

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