Trump Causes Confusion by Saying Record Storm will Hit Alabama

Trump Causes Confusion by Saying Record Storm will Hit Alabama:  The National Weather Service had to issue a statement to correct the confusion President Trump created when he claimed Hurricane Dorian – the most powerful storm to make landfall on record – was forecast to hit Alabama, even though Alabama is not among the states which experts say is threatened.

Good grief, that has me a little concerned.  I mean, if that damn storm can threaten Alabama, even though Alabama is nowhere near where the storm is actually headed, what’s to stop it from turning around and heading right over here to Santa Monica?  

Now of course, the truth of the matter is – Donald Trump most likely doesn’t even have slightest idea where the hell Alabama is.  We know this because he also ordered the St Louis Gateway Arch evacuated until hurricane season is completely over.

That said, I do have to admit that under President Trump, we have had some of the biggest and most spectacular storms ever.  And now, I suppose it’s time for Alabama residents to buckle down and get busy filing those claims for disaster relief funds.

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