Trump Christians Only Concerned He Took Lord’s Name in Vain

Trump Christians Only Concerned He Took Lord’s Name in Vain:  While President Donald Trump is being widely condemned after fascist supporters at his West Virginia campaign rally quickly turned his racist “go back” message into a horrifying “Send Her Back” chant – it appears the only thing which bothered evangelical Christians about the rally was the fact that Trump used the word “Goddamn” a couple of times.

Gee, we’re talking about a man who’s a compulsive liar, an adulterer, a narcissist, a con-artist, a sexual predator, a money launderer who routinely pushes xenophobia and who incarcerates immigrant children in cages – yet these “Christians” are only concerned that he used the term “Goddamned” a couple of times in a rabid, hate-filled speech?  Got it!    

It’s almost as if Trump held a rally and decided to club an immigrant child to death up on stage as one of his parlor tricks, and then turns to the crowd and says “wow, looks like I really made a real Goddamn mess up here!”  Apparently, the only thing these “Christians” would find disturbing would be his swearing.  And while these folks sure like to call themselves “Christians,” I prefer to think of them as more of a “neo-Nazi adjacent.”

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