Trump Denouncing Impeachment Inquiry as a Coup

Trump Denouncing Impeachment Inquiry as a Coup:  President Trump has escalated his criticism of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry by claiming, “as I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a coup.”

Well, my my – a coup d’état?  Now, that’s a pretty big concept to grasp for someone with a vocabulary like Donald’s.  Although, from what I can tell, the real “coup” took place when Donald Trump took up residence in the White House.  You remember that, just after we had that little Russian election interference thingy? 

But regardless of that, I would assume even a Trump supporter would be smart enough to understand that an impeachment inquiry – predicated on facts which both the President and his attorney have actually admitted to on live TV, could not a be “coup.”  

Gee, I wonder if Trump also feels Bill Clinton’s impeachment was a coup?  Well, if the coup excuse doesn’t work out, there’s always that old reliable “Deep State” conspiracy theory.  But honestly – about the only Deep State activity I’ve seen, is the “deep state of denial” Trump and his followers appear to be in.

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