Trump Describes His Syria Strategy As Unmatched Wisdom

Trump Describes His Syria Strategy As Unmatched Wisdom:  President Trump is defending his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, calling the move an expression of his “great and unmatched wisdom,” while also warning if he’s unhappy with Turkey’s planned assault on the Kurds – he’ll “totally destroy and obliterate” the Turkish economy.

“Great and unmatched wisdom” eh?  I guess he gets that from Trump University.  That said, I wonder exactly how he’d go about destroying the economy of Turkey?  Force them to invest in some of his bogus business ventures?  

I mean – the fact is, if he really wanted to obliterate Turkey’s economy, all he’d really need to do is get himself elected President there also.  By the way, wonder who’s job it was to explain the definition of “obliterate” to him?

Meanwhile, in response to the strong bi-partisan backlash against his Syrian announcement, Trump tried to reassure everyone that he’s “very savvy when it comes to Turkey, pointing out that actually he pardoned a Turkey – just last Thanksgiving.


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