Trump Instructs Agencies to Cancel WaPo, NY Times Subscriptions

Trump Instructs All Federal Agencies to Cancel WaPo and NY Times:  The Trump administration says it plans to order federal agencies to cancel all Washington Post and New York Times subscriptions – and, in a recent interview with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity, Trump said “we don’t even want them in the White House anymore – they’re fake.”

Like it or not, the President does bring up a pretty valid point though.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious to people who know a lot about such things, that the founding fathers wanted US citizens to get their news directly from the Fox News Channel.

But why stop there?  Hell, why not just have the FCC pull the licenses for NBC, CBS, ABC, and that damn CNN?  I mean, allowing all these other channels to use our airways – often saying things which completely contradicts everything they’ll ever hear on Fox, just confuses people.  

And by God, we’ve seen what happens when folks get all confused like they did in 2016.  Why, they start thinking crazy thoughts, like people have a right to affordable housing and healthcare – and then, the next thing you know, they go vote for Bernie or someone in that Democrat Party like that damned AOC woman.

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