Trump Mocks Honest Abe During His Dallas Rally

Trump Mocks Honest Abe During His Dallas Rally:  President Donald Trump once again shocked critics by mocking Abraham Lincoln during his latest rally in Dallas, telling followers he would never be as presidential as “Honest Abe Lincoln when he’s wearing that hat,” adding that to be presidential like Lincoln – “all you have to do is act like a stiff.”  He then proceeded to mimic “a stiff,” by buttoning his blazer, speaking in a monotonous voice, and claiming that someone as boring as Lincoln could never win Texas.

Wait a minute, that’s just crazy!  You’re telling me Donald Trump can actually button-up his blazer?  Wow, who could have ever seen that coming?  Anyway, Trump’s definitely right about one thing, the word “honest” will NEVER be used to describe Donald Trump – or his presidency.

Of course, trying to compare Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln is simply ridiculous, no matter how you look at it.  I mean, you’d have to go back a helluva lot further than Abraham Lincoln to find something that accurately describes the Trump presidency.  

Cave-dwelling Neanderthals immediately come to mind.  But of course, the Neanderthal comparison can only go so far – given that Neanderthals didn’t get to do their business on gold-platted toilets.  Besides, I’m sure Trump and his followers would be the first to tell you they “prefer Presidents who DON’T free the slaves.”

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