Trump Now Bragging About TV Ratings for Coronavirus Briefings

President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday and repeatedly bragged about the television ratings of the near-daily coronavirus briefings – which many say he has managed to hijack – describing them as “Bachelor finale and Monday Night Football type numbers.”

Gosh, silly me! And here all this time, I just assumed those briefings were supposed to be about the coronavirus, not Donald Trump. My take is, folks watch his briefings for about the same reason they watch NASCAR, they know a huge wreck is about to take place!

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but really don’t pay all much attention to those coronavirus briefings until after the “Trump Show” portion of it is over – you know, when the adults finally take the podium.  

Of course, in all fairness, under Trump’s leadership, America has now managed to become number one in the world for coronavirus cases.  That ought to count for something.

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