Trump Praises Acosta as Calls for Him to Resign Grow

Trump Praises Acosta as Calls for Him to Resign Grow:  President Trump is still standing by his embattled labor secretary, saying he “feels very badly for Alex Acosta,” even after more and more people have begun demanding Acosta’s resignation over the sweetheart plea deal he struck with financier Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges while he was a federal prosecutor.

So, Trump feels “very badly for Alex Acosta” who’s been taking a lot of slack for letting Epstein off easy?  Now, I’m sure some are asking “but, what about the victims?”  Look, before you pass judgement, what good would it serve a guy like Trump to waste his sympathy on a bunch of helpless, underage sex slaves?  I mean, of what value can some vulnerable kids be to a guy like Donald Trump?  

In the meantime, it seems Secretary Acosta’s been quite busy, proposing slicing the budget which actually funds investigations of child sex trafficking by a whopping 80%.  And why not?  I mean, these young girls are people, not unborn fetuses.  This is “Trump country” my friends – once you’re born, you’re on your own.

Of course, way back in 2002, Trump was telling everyone what a great guy Jeffrey Epstein was and how much fun it was to hang out with him.  Now, he’s claiming he had a falling out with him 15 years ago.  Gee, that would be right around the time Epstein was being brought up on child sex trafficking charges.  Which makes sense – after all, Trump’s never much cared for rapists – who get caught.

Meanwhile, all this time Trump’s loyal cult followers have been trying to connect Democrats and Hillary Clinton to child sex trafficking – does Pizzagate ring a bell?  And what a surprise, here all along it was actually Donald Trump with the best child sex ring connections!  Gee, that’s gotta be a little depressing when just about everyone you know and associate with turns out to be a criminal.

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