Trump Promotes Man Suggesting Dropping Nuclear Bombs on Afghanistan

Former conservative radio talkshow host and conspiracy theorist Frank Wuco, who once suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan and who eagerly promoted far-right conspiracy theories such as Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, has just been given a senior role on arms control issues in our State Department.

I’m sorry, but this has to be a horrible mistake – I mean, Frank Wuco?  That’s gotta be a typo.  Isn’t that supposed to read “Frank Wacko?”  Oh well, I suppose this is all par for the course.  I mean, hell – last hurricane season, Trump even floated the idea of nuking a damn hurricane, so I can’t imagine why this should come as such a big surprise to anyone.

Obviously, appointing a guy who’s seriously eager to start a nuclear war as senior advisor on arms control, would seem like a great idea to a President who’s just pardoned a Navy Seal shortly after he was convicted of “war crimes.”  Well, Mr President, what’s your next move – pardon Bernie Madoff and then appoint him head of the Federal Reserve?

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