Trump Says Economy Goes Down the Tubes if He Loses in 2020

Trump Says Economy Goes Down the Tubes if He Loses in 2020:  As he headed out to yet another one of his pep rallies in New Jersey, President Trump predicted that if he loses his reelection bid in 2020, the economy will “go right down the tubes.”

Well, thank you Mr President, but I think at this point in time – it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that a sizable amount of the people have already concluded that “that’s a risk we’re willing to take.”

I mean, running on a record of endless mass shootings, scores of appointees in jail or under indictment, looming environmental disasters and economic uncertainty?  Now, that seems like one hell of an unusual campaign platform! 

Of course, the President is now blaming the Federal Reserve for all of our economic woes.  OK, so I guess now all we need to do is figure out who that idiot moron was who picked Jerome Powell to run the Fed.  Oh wait…!!!

And, if I understand him correctly, the President appears to be feeding us some of those same old lines like “you don’t know how good you really have it” and “you’re nothing without me.”  

Now, I don’t wanna come off overly critical, but I’d suggest it might be a good idea not to use all the same phrases that domestic abusers use to frighten their victims.

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