Trump Tears Into Romney After He Calls Trump’s Actions Appalling

Trump Tears Into Romney After He Calls Trump’s Actions Appalling:  President Donald Trump is lashing out at Mitt Romney on Twitter, implying that the 2012 Republican presidential nominee is “a big loser” and “pompous,” after Romney characterized Trump’s requests of Ukraine and China to investigate a political opponent both “wrong and appalling.”

Gee wiz, can anyone say “meltdown?”  Why, Trump’s going all “mean-girls” on Romney.  Why get so upset Donny-boy?  I thought all this was all just one, great big “nothing burger.”  Not to mention, on an absolutely “perfect call.”  Why, what’s the big deal anyway?

Everything else aside, it’s rather funny how a simple slight like this, can completely paralyze Trump’s psyche – to the point where about the only thing he’s capable of doing – is “golfing and tweeting.”

That said, on a positive note, now that Trump’s a bona fide born-again Christian, maybe once he gets fully settled into prison life, perhaps he can start-up his own ministry?  Why, for those cult followers of his, it could be almost like an “Orange Second Coming.”

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