Trump Tells Congresswomen to Go Back to the Country They Came From

Trump Tells Congresswomen to Go Back to the Country They Came From:  Despite criticism, a defiant President Trump doubled down on his tweet that the four minority, liberal, congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” even though three of the four of them were  actually born right here in the USA.

Now, while many are outraged by this, all Trump has really done differently is to take the typical “subtle, dog whistle racist innuendos” Republicans have always used – give them a hit of crystal meth, and then broadcast them over a bull horn. 

On the other hand, perhaps Trump may actually be onto something when he suggests “they need to fix those crime infested places in the country from which they came.”  I mean, can anyone really think of a more “crime-infested place” than Donald Trump’s White House?  

Of course, the bottom line here is, Trump is clearly hoping to retain power the very same way he obtained it – not by tapping into our spirit the cooperation and human dependency, but by exploiting our fears and suspicions.  Why, one could almost consider his revolving cabinet as kind of a “hate group.” 

And frankly, whenever Trump tweets something as vile and disgusting as this, I am never surprised – but always appalled.  Of course, it would be pointless for anyone to tell Trump to “go back to where he came from,” because he’s almost always on a golf course anyway.

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