Trump Threatens to Permanently End All Funding to the WHO

An angry President Trump tweeted a letter he had sent to the World Health Organization, accusing the WHO Director-General of making “repeated missteps” and telling them they have 30 days to major substantive improvements or he will make the US funding freeze permanent and reconsider US membership in the organization.  

President Trump described the WHO’s actions as both disgusting and incompetent – adding that every American should be absolutely livid that we have been funding these sleazeballs for all these years.  

The President then added that while he realizes many Americans may be too young to remember, the WHO’s “Tommy” album alone sold over 20 million copies back in 1969 – so perhaps if they hadn’t blown all their money on hookers and porn stars – they wouldn’t need to be begging the US for a big handout right now.

Meanwhile, back here in the USA, many Americans think they have a much better idea in mind.  Instead of ending all our funding for WHO, how about instead – ending all funding for golf outings!


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