Trump Using Divisive Topics Like Plastic Straws to Energize Base

Trump Using Divisive Topics Like Plastic Straws to Energize Base:  Using tactics such as plastic straws, wind turbines, bogus conspiracy theories and race-baiting, White House aides freely admit that Donald Trump has been deliberately attempting to amplify public tensions in America by seizing on divisive issues as a means to energize his explosively angry base.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking – you’re thinking “now this, is the last straw!”  Well, before you attack the “straw man,” remember that Donald Trump was that kid in school who thought it was simply hilarious to jam two straws up his nostrils.  Straws were an important part of Donald’s childhood, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise they remain so today.    

What all you “elites” don’t understand is that Trump folks are all about fighting for “freedom.”  You know, the freedom to be morbidly obese, the freedom to destroy the environment, the freedom to live without affordable healthcare, the freedom to discriminate against other Americans and, the freedom to watch fellow citizens being gunned down in public places like shopping malls.  

You see, these Trump folks know how to take a stand for freedom.  In fact, Trump’s economic policies have many of them standing almost knee-deep in “Trump freedom” right now.  Who knew freedom could be like this?

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