Trump Wants American Hispanics To Take To the Streets In Protest

The recent resignation of Puerto Rico  Governor, Ricardo Rosselló, was precipitated by hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans taking to the streets to demand that he step down.

The visuals were a stunning reminder of the power of direct action peaceful mass marches and protests.

Trump wants those visuals for his campaign. This is one of the reasons for the intensification of the arrests and deportation activities by ICE.

He’s trying to push mainland American Hispanics into the streets so he can get video footage that he can lie about just as he did with the visuals of the “millions” involved in the “invading caravans” coming to the southern border.

What Trump wants is to incite violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement officials so he can talk to his base, and anyone else who is ignorant and frightened enough to listen, about the “invasion and war at the border”, as he casts himself as the “hero” of his border war  lie…


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