Trump Will No Longer Deal With the UK Ambassador to US

Trump Will No Longer Deal With the UK Ambassador to US:  In a pair of tweets, President Trump said he would “no longer deal with the UK’s ambassador to the U.S.” after leaked cables revealed the diplomat’s unvarnished, harsh assessment of the Trump administration.

Personally, I think there’s a good chance this is all just a huge misunderstanding and President Trump didn’t fully understand what the UK ambassador was actually saying – quite possibly because the ambassador was speaking English.

Anyway, Ambassador Darroch shouldn’t really consider President Trump’s ignoring him as a really big deal.  After all, Donald Trump routinely treats about 65% of American’s citizens as if they don’t exist either.  I mean, just ask the residents of Puerto Rico.

Besides, Trump and his supporters shouldn’t feel completely distressed about the UK ambassador’s slight.  Hell, I can think of at least one ambassador who publicly praises Donald Trump all the time, but enough about Anatoly Ivanovich Antonov and the Kremlin.

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