Trump’s Syrian Pullout Leaves Putin in Charge

Trump’s Syrian Pullout Leaves Putin in Charge:  Analysts say that when President Trump made his shocking decision to pull out of Syria and abandon our Kurdish allies, he handed Russia and Vladimir Putin the keys to the undisputed political leadership throughout the region.

On the other hand, economists would probably argue that these events aren’t actually Putin victories, they’re simply interest payments and dividends – paid as a result of Putin’s various investments in Donald Trump, as well as his lovely family and friends.

Anyway, I’m guessing this means Mr Putin isn’t likely to be going public with any of that incriminating information he’s been holding on Trump and his associates any time soon.  Funny how conservatives head’s literally explode with the mere mention of Colin Kaepernick, yet they’re perfectly fine with all this.

For example, I have a cousin who swears Donald Trump will go down in history as “America’s greatest president.”  Of course, on a rather sad note, he’s just recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia.  Please join me in wishing him a very speedy recovery.

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