Two Men Fined for Eating Raw Squirrels to Protest Veganism

Two Men Fined for Eating Raw Squirrels to Protest Veganism:  Two men who claim veganism is unhealthy,  staged a grisly protest in front of a vegan stall at a London outdoor market by eating raw, dead squirrels (fur and all) while people were begging them to stop – have been fined and convicted of disorderly conduct.

Gee, not to sound critical, but wouldn’t their protest have been just as effective if they’d eaten a couple of rare steaks instead?  Not to mention, now all the squirrels are gonna think they’re nuts. 

And, while admittedly their tactics may have been a wee bit aggressive, I do see their point.  After all, someone has to get out there and promote the health benefits of red meat, coffee and cigarettes.  

Of course, this incident occurred in the UK, but here in the US, we actually have a name for people like these raw squirrel eaters – here, they’re known as “Trump supporters.”

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