Viva Vida’s

I was headed up to my favorite hiking trail today with Miles, my 100 pound yellow lab.  The hiking trail is on the outskirts of town, about 14 miles away, so we drive, of course.  It’s quite cold today, and the main highway between here and the park is a twisting, turning death race of a stretch of highway, which seems to only attract drivers who’s main ambition is to become characters in a video game.  That’s on a good day.  And since it was below freezing, highly windy, and the middle of the day, I took the safer option.  State Route 315 with patches of ice is just stupid, so I took surface streets.

Along the way I passed this interesting business, and snapped a photo of it and sent it to my wife.  In the last couple of years we have enjoyed trying veggie based meat options a bit.  It seems like the smart thing to do going forward, since everything from fossil fuels to animal farts are turning our planet into a climate change adventure ride.  

Funny thing though, just yesterday I learned that 2022 is the year that “Soylent Green”, the fictional future dystopian film about food material substitute made of humans took place.  This evening when we looked at the website together, all I could think of was Soylent Green.  Vida is butchering plants in there…is all I could think.  Kinda funny, and kinda creepy.  

Growing up in the late 20th century in Ohio which was on its comedown from the bustling 60s created a certain kind of sense of humor that you had to develop in lieu of going crazy.  We had our view of it, and outsiders just used it as ridicule to make themselves feel superior, but this isn’t about those idiots.  This is about the quirky perspective that one experiences, and the kooky sayings that developed.  

One of those experiences is rooting for perennially bad sports teams. (Don’t glaze over yet.  This is not about sports). There is a certain quirkiness that comes from these losing environments. One in particular is the dreaded “vote of confidence.” First comes some sort of mediocrity, or worse.  Or, perhaps some incident that embarrasses the organization or the city.  From that comes the discussion of whether some coach is on a “hot seat”.  Then, three things can happen.  A person with the requisite authority will either, ignore the situation altogether, and make no public statements.  That is the best of all of the possibilities. Next is the firing.  That would be the worst.  And then, there is the quirky third possibility, which competes with the firing for worst, although it arguably is not.  The third possibility is the dreaded, “vote of confidence.”

The vote of confidence is dreaded because, barring a miracle, which those of us in fly-over territory do not exist, barring that divine intervention, the vote of confidence is quickly followed by a firing.  The vote of confidence only sets up the inevitable public relations embarrassment.  It is sort of a way to say, hey everybody, look at this.  Then, boom!

All of that is to say, Kosher just issued one of those votes of confidence yesterday, and boy, oh boy do I hope he is right!  Here is Kosher’s actual quote, which is so frightening in this quirky perspective that I have to laugh just to keep from being scared shitless.

“I don’t think we’re looking at Naziism here per se, I don’t expect to see death camps, but we’re looking at an undermining of democracy that is that ruthless”

I don’t know why copying that made it so much larger, but it looks even more frightening that way, so I think I’ll leave it.  And, I agree.  I don’t think we are looking at Naziism…per se.  Now that is a dreaded vote of confidence if I have ever seen one.  “We are not looking at Naziism…per se.”

So, tomorrow I think I am going go check out some butchered veggie based meats at Vida’s.  It’s 2022.  We need to start looking for alternatives to meat, right?