Warning About Checklist Function

We seem to have had an unwanted update that changed how the categories work.

Now, unless you are careful, your articles might not show up if you mistakenly publish an article with the “***Uncategorized” category…but the checklist will not catch that error.

What happened is that someone – either WordPress, the theme company or one of the hundred or so plugins that make the system work – has decided that the ***Uncategorized category is automatically pre-selected on all new posts.

I am trying to figure out how this happened (and when it happened because I have not been around much lately) and I am considering changing to a different checklist system.

Building a “YouTube” function.

If you spend as much time on Youtube as I do, you will have noticed that Google – or Alphabet or whatever it is being called this month – has changed the way that YouTube operates, adding a very annoying monetization process that results in having to click past ads that pop up every couple of minutes.

It looks like they are imposing this new system selectively, and mostly on the smaller channels.

YouTube creators are complaining that they are losing revenues because of this new system.

So, I have been thinking about building a YouTube system inside BindleSnitch…and then I realized that I already did that but I just never bothered to publicize it.

If you want to post your own videos, you can post any MP4 video directly into a BindleSnitch post.

In order to make that a true YouTube substitute, I would have to create a separate page for each Youtube creator, but I have already figured that out.

Any opinions about this?



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