Welcome Home Again

Once again, the Survivors from Open Salon are being thrown back out into the wilderness again.

Moving yet again raises the question of where to move to. There are a couple of pages on Facebook, such as Orphans of Open Salon, that have tried to pick up the slack (pun intended), but I was one of the moderators on that page and I haven’t seen a request for admission in years.  I just checked, and the last time anyone posted on The Orphans of Open Salon was more than a year ago, when I was soliciting permission to post comments made by Open Salon members on Sagemerlin’s poetry posts.  I believe there is another offshoot out there someplace, but I don’t even recall the name of that one.

This is going to be a painful time for those of you who have been regulars here. (It took me a very long time to recover from losing my community on Open Salon.)

I want to respect that….but I also have a potential solution. I have been working on developing a new website for quite awhile now, and maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it is just about ready to be  unleashed on the world. It’s not even open for business yet but the site is 99.5% complete and it is in full working order.

It’s called BindleSnitch.com, and it has been designed to be a collectively owned and operated websites where the contributors will get a percentage of the net profits (if any) generated by the site in direct proportion to the number of views their articles earn….but I’m not going to give you a sales pitch. It is what it is. Just visit the website and read the ABOUT US section if you want to know more.

In the meantime, however, I have actually gone ahead and created a private page on this website for orphans of Open Salon. This page is only accessible with this link: bindlesnitch.com/ salon/.

Caveats:  When you visit this page, you will see Most Popular Posts on the left, Most Recent Posts in the Middle and Most Recent Comments on the right. The popularity of a post is determined by the number of comments it receives, not the number of views.  The comments section on the right isn’t really working properly. It is jury rigged right now. If you want it, that can be done.  I do not presently have a tool that will allow you to import posts but I am sure I can work that up if it is wanted.

I realize from my own experience curating my Open Salon posts that the comments are precious…but I don’t think I can pull bulk comments into this page. If you want to preserve your entire posts with comments, I strongly recommend that you use Evernote, which will capture your posts and all of the associated comments. It’s a tedious process, but it will capture the entire page as it now exists. I believe that it costs $10 a month and that includes lifetime storage (as long as you keep paying them.) It is well worth the price.

However, BindleSnitch is a  completely free, fully-functional website inside a website that you can use right now. All you have to do is sign up for BindleSnitch and start using it.  It doesn’t cost me anything to do this, and I am not making anything off it. Consider it a gift from an old Open Salon member.

Before I forget, once you have joined BindleSnitch, go to the MEMBERS tab on the main menu and select MY PROFILE. This is the access point to a hidden sub-system that provides the same essential functionality that FaceBook offers, with the ability to set up private groups (and I can set up a private group just for Salon member), private chats, and group discussions. You could in fact use this system and not even bother with the Salon page that I have already set up.

Since I am starting to get up in years, I have already made provisions for the continuation of the website after I shuffle off the stage. My partner, Robert Pannier, is around 20 years younger than I am and he will be around to provide support after I have ridden off into the sunset. (Do not be alarmed. I expect to be around for awhile…but one never knows.)

The thing about this offer is that we won’t even notice that you’re using the site. We’ve designed it to be a self-managing system.  It could go on forever as long as someone pays the hosting bills and since we have other sites on the same account, that’s a given.

Have fun with it. We do, every day.

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