Western Texas Shooting Leaves 5 Dead and 21 Injured

Western Texas Shooting Leaves 5 Dead and 21 Injured:  Police say they’ve shot and killed a white male shooter in his mid-30s in Odessa, Texas – after the man killed 5 and injured at least 21 in yet another Texas mass shooting spree. 

Now call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer those good old days when Labor Day weekends meant going to the lake or having a back yard barbecue – rather than trying to escape the carnage of a mass shooting.  But that’s just me.

Yet, here we have another angry, trigger-happy Texan, riding around in his car, probably singing his rendition of that old Sam Cooke number “it’s another Saturday night, and I ain’t shot nobody.”  

Or, maybe he was just pissed because the local Popeyes was all out of chicken sandwiches by the time he got there?  Who knows?  Either way, it’s about time for Republicans to cue up their old “mental illness explanations” again.  

Anyway, it sounds like what these poor folks really need to cheer them up is a visit from Donald Trump.  I mean, what could be more heart-warming at a time like this – then listening to your President bragging about the huge crowds he’s been drawing at political gatherings?


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