What Jews Have Come to Understand About Zionism’s Necessity

Jews have come to understand that we have nowhere else because without self-reliance in a land, there is no counting on the good graces, whims, good intentions, politics, temporary boom economies, what-have-you…that there is no choice for Jews, if we’re to survive, but to have a homeland to defend because no place else has been a secure home. 

After the ’30s and 40s, if others don’t understand or want to understand, that’s alright but we understand, we will do what’s necessary to survive as a people and that cannot happen dependent only, in nations that see themselves as benign, even welcoming “hosts-nations” to Jews because it’s an unreliable plan, proven over and again wholly unreliable.
Zionism’s a necessity if Jews are to survive and the raw knowledge of that lends strength.
Now, some may not wish Jews to survive, and they are many, but this, the history of Jews in “host nations”, is why Jews must have a homeland, and if a person argues against Jews surviving, s/he need just be straight about it. Those who think we don’t understand that they don’t want Jews to survive while they tell us they’re fine with us, just not with Zionism…they may be kidding themselves…they’re not kidding us. There’s no need to bother with criticism of this or that Israeli PM or government, because anti-Zionists never care who the PM is (although I do): anti-Zionists want no Israel…and in every practical way imaginable, that means, given the “host-nations fallacy” and how swiftly and capriciously Jew-hating moves from idea to action regardless of which party is ‘in’ in Israel and in other countries, Zionism, despite the vagaries and policies of particular political parties or governments, is, in part, a survival manual. 
If a person thinks Jews need not survive, that person should have the sac to say it.
If a person honestly believes s/he can support Jews’ survival and be anti-Zionist at once, acknowledging history, s/he must offer practical alternative solutions that include Jews’ (and others’) survival.
Criticism of particular Israeli policies is not a call do do away with Jews. But anti-Zionism, absent an articulate practical alternative, is. That’s the lesson of the last century, the lesson of the “host-nations” fallacy. Pretenses must drop like rotted fruit. There has not been nor is there yet a practical, consequential difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.