What Meritoracy? Tim Wise Is Spot On As Usual

“If social justice is to be achieved it won’t be because black and brown people persuaded or convinced conflicted and ambivalent white people of anything at all.

It will be because white people make the case to reluctant and recalcitrant white folks that a just society and more perfect union isn’t about bestowing the benefits of freedom on black and brown people at the expense of white people, it’s about ‘liberty and justice for all’.”

What sets Tim Wise apart as a truly effective antiracist, is his unique and uncanny ability to take the case for social and racial justice, as articulated by black people, and communicate and convey the case unaltered and unmolested to other white people, in tact.

What he does with Janes Baldwin’s take on the myth of the American meritocracy is nothing short of masterful….

Wise’s delivery is exquisite and eloquent, without giving ground on the confrontational power and forcefulness of Baldwin’s message.

We need more of what Wise has to  offer and deliver….


If you don’t know who James Baldwin was or what he was about, you’re part of the problem.

Do your own research!