What’s for breakfast?

Living alone, I eat pretty randomly.

I’m on a paper (!!) group thing that has been going for about 60 years, I calculate, I being one of the originals and I’d have been about 24. There are a few others who have been members for a mere half-century, or more, or less. And some newcomers, only around for a few decades. (No, I have not saved 66 years worth of the papers.)

We got together as science-fiction fans at a time when that was weird and there were few venues to talk. Nowadays we hardly ever mention s-f, while in the greater world s-f is all over the place. (My ‘career’ in Wicca is similar.) Anyway, one of the other originals (or close to it) recently wrote about how and his wife work out menus for a month and shopping lists to support, and instead of The Same Thing for breakfast, like most of us benighted souls, they have a rotation of about 35 items.

This annoyed me for some reason (okay, I can give you a lot of reasons) and I’ve been mentioning my breakfasts and branching out into other meals of the day. Breakfast is usually whatever I blindly reach for in the fridge. Sometimes I get it together and have a pot of oatmeal to scoop from, or bread (that compressed “Bavarian” style stuff) w. cheese or nut-butter. But usually it’s leftovers or…

Anyway, today I wrote for that paper-group, with photo, about my Orange Lunch. Hah! My older daughter just this moment dropped by with orange dessert – quince pie w. fruit from her tree.

(Is making fun of my friend snarky? If so, am I on probation?) (I figure Terminal is good for a sarcasm font.)

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