When Memes Work


: an ideabehaviorstyle, or usagethat spreads from one person to another in a culture

: an amusing or interesting picturevideoetc., that is spread widelythrough the Internet


Memes are shorthand, often inaccurate or inappropriate, vehicles for communicating concepts and ideas by simplifying and condensing complex and controversial subject matter in an effort to make a point with material that is entertaining or amusing.

There are a number of reasons to be critical of memes. However, there are instances when the meme is an accurate representation of a political or social phenomenon that speaks volumes…

There are times when a meme can work for you. Here are a few memes that work for me:

As I said these are samples of memes that work for me…

They may not work for you and that’s fine with me. I’m prepared to argue the points made by these from my perspective insofar as the memes here represent my perspective…

My point here is that if a meme works for you, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into a post…If it resonates and expresses your perspective, why not?

There’s really no reason to reinvent the wheel each time you seek to articulate your point of view when it is shared and articulated by a meme that is artful, tasteful, amusing, entertaining, accurate, and truthful….






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