Which posts would you save?

Things are quiet on the site right now. The most notable thing here lately was jpHart’s unbelievable Haiku comment on RobertBJames’ blog. It’s recent in the comment stream.

So I’m looking at my old posts wondering which ones I’d save. Most I wouldn’t. It was my kid’s yorzeit? I didn’t say anything worth saving this time. Jan. 6 was a big deal? Yeah, we know that, and I wrote it so soon afterward that the event’s real importance wasn’t obvious yet – that an awfully significant portion of the electorate is OK with it and that Republican legislators generally aren’t horrified nearly enough by it. I probably wouldn’t save a bunch of current political posts. A post about my reaction on driving past the Capitol? I’d probably save that, because it’s a marker of a big change and a good indicator of what it’s like to be alive in America right now. Either God willing it will be “that’s how bad it got” or, far worse, it will indicate the wrong kind of lasting change.

One sentence posts? I save almost all of those. They’re easy to save and kind of fun to collect.

The Tooth Fairy post? I’m of two minds. It’s fluff but it makes a legitimate point about how ridiculous QAnon is.

A post comparing Anne Frank to George Floyd? Yeah, I’d keep that. It would have been cool to publish that one somewhere really visible. Though the comparison is time limited, the point made isn’t and it will come up again. To save you the trouble of reviewing it, the big point is that discrediting the victim of a crime doesn’t legitimize the crime. In fact, that would make a decent one-sentence post. Maybe at some point I’ll publish that.

A cool photo? Probably not, I’ll still have the photo.

The Affirmative Action hire fallacy? Sure, that one will stay relevant. Same with A Quintessentially American Photograph. I might keep the ancestry post where I”m introduced to photos of my great grandfather as a young man but then again I’ll still have the photos either way. Maybe Perspective about Jupiter and Saturn getting closer in the sky (with photo). The If you have a hidden belief in Black inferiority post is probably the post I’m most inclined to save because I don’t know of anyone else saying this. There’s a post called A scenario and a question about it that concerns racism and police enforcement that I think I’d keep because why not.

There’s also a post called The day White people are no longer the majority in America. I’m thinking that one will become more relevant rather than less. In fact, due to a recent conversation with Bitey on another thread I might go and leave a comment there.

That’s it for me. If I had to limit it to a few, it would be:
The day White people are no longer the majority in America
The Affirmative Action hire fallacy
the Anne Frank post
If you have a hidden belief in Black inferiority

Oddly, they’re all posts about racism. And the reason I’d want to save them is not that they’re about racism, it’s that I’m saying things that I don’t see said better elsewhere.

I’ve considered the posts saying that if Biden’s policies continue the US will have an unexpectedly major resurgence but things are so politically iffy for the next few years that I’m afraid I’ll look like an idiot instead of a genius. I didn’t count on how many Americans support the stolen election myth. At this point I’m not sure I have faith that we’ll get there.

When you look at your posts, which ones would you want to save and why? I guess this is sort of an open call.

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