White House Press Secretary Feuds with Press Over Storm Graphics

White House Press Secretary Feuds with Press Over Hurricane Graphics:  After President Trump displayed his now infamous “sharpie altered weather graphic” with a bogus path the President claimed hurricane Dorian would likely take, which caused a big stir among meteorologists, the press and on social media – both the President and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham took to twitter to bitterly denounce reporters and news organizations who dared criticize him.  

Wait a minute – stop!  You’re telling me the White House has a press secretary?  Are you kidding me?  I mean, who knew?  Hell, maybe they ought to consider holding a press conference – you know, to announce they have a press secretary.

And now you tell me she’s been on the job for several months?  Call me old fashioned, but I always assumed that one of the White House Press secretary’s major responsibilities, was to hold press briefings?  Good grief, is it possible that Trump’s Press Secretary actually does even less work than the he does?

But come on, the President really used a “sharpie” to try and alter a weather forecast?  Doesn’t he realize that it’s actually violation of federal law to falsify a National Weather Service forecast?

Well, I guess he’s lucky that as President he’s above the law – and that his Attorney General is basically operating as his personal attorney.  But never fear justice seekers, because in times like this – it important to remember that “the truth is mightier than the sharpie.”


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