White House Refuses To Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry

White House Refuses To Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry:  In an eight-page letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House leaders, the White House defiantly said it will not cooperate with the inquiry into President Trump’s actions, accusing Democratic lawmakers of running a “kangaroo court” and using the investigation to overturn the 2016 election results.

Of course, in Trump’s petulant, toddler’s mind, he’s probably thinking something to the effect of “the House of Representatives isn’t the boss of me!”  Good point!  I mean, it isn’t like Congress is a co-equal branch of government or anything.

Meanwhile, some historians have begun comparing this era in American history to the fall of Rome.  Perhaps, but Rome didn’t have Fox News, Twitter, countless websites spitting out conspiracy theories to ignorant cultists and scores of heavily-armed, violent white nationalists – foaming at the mouth and ready to take action should things not go their way.

It’s really about time people wake up to the fact that Donald Trump isn’t planning on going anywhere after the 2020 elections – win, lose, or draw!  Let’s not forget that other prominent white nationalist who had the German Parliament (Reichstag) burned down way back in ‘33.  All I can say is, let’s hope Congress has a decent sprinkler system.


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