Who did Trump pull out of the Paris Accords for?

When Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords, I assumed he did it to take limits off of American corporations. I guess that’s a logical assumption. After all,

General Motors


General Electric

Goldman Sacks



all weighed in, in public, about the Paris accords.

Here’s the problem:

They were all opposed to dropping out of the Accords. They all said this in public at the time that Trump was considering dropping out.

So who did he do it for?

If you were a serious corporatist in public office, would you take a stand like that for the sake of a few coal companies over the opposition of some of the biggest corporations in America, particularly corporations that are in the fossil fuels business? Do coal companies have that kind of pull? If so, where did they get it?

I’m not going to answer this question for the simple reason that I can’t. I might be able to come up with a theory, but any theory I’d come up with would be pretty nonsensical.

However, I doubt that my theory would prove to be as nonsensical as whatever the actual reason turns out to be, if we ever find out.

He utterly didn’t need to do this. If he hadn’t done it, I don’t see that as costing him anything. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see it.

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