Who or What is a “Centrist”?: Making Amy’s Case

“In my view there is no such thing as an ‘ideological center’.

The ideological center is a myth that simply cannot and does not exist in the world of high stakes, prime time  political reality.”

The Myth of the Ideological Center In American Politcs

A “centrist” is someone who creates euphemisms to hide the fact that they aren’t committed to the fight and sacrifice required in bringing about the economic and social changes necessary to achieve social and economic justice, but will be among the first to take advantage of, and benefit from, the changes someone else fought and sacrificed to achieve…

A “centrist” will “compromise” on the rights, interests, and concerns of others not at the negotiating table, instead of fighting for the right of others to be at the table and speak for themselves.

A “centrist” is the individual who is involuntarily caught between what appears to be opposite poles in the struggles for social and economic change and justice and has no posture or position either way because he/she, “Never really thought about it…” (Read: Never had to think about it…)

A “centrist” is the person who is in favor of change as long as she/he doesn’t have to live with the consequences of it.

The “centrist” is the person who, politically, wants to have his/her cake and eat it too.

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