Why Trump

Imagine you’re a conservative White guy in America. You notice that things seem to be changing, and not for the better. A whole lot of unreasonable stuff seems to be happening all the time.

You’re not racist. You treat everyone the same – at least you think you do. You think we should be way past race as an issue and you think the reason race is still an issue is because people on the Left keep making an issue of it. You can’t figure out why and the only reason that makes sense to you is that they’re doing it for political gain.

Now you’ve got White Privilege. You sure as Hell don’t feel privileged. Some Whites grew up pretty poor. And worse, now they’ve got Critical Race Theory where they’re trying to teach our kids in school that White kids should feel guilty for being White. This is lunacy. It’s also seriously racist. Who are the real racists here?

And now, for racial reasons, the Left wants to defund the police! The very people who risk their lives every day for our safety. Who are they going to call when they get robbed? Are they out of their minds?

Then there’s this fuss about Voter ID laws. What could possibly be more reasonable than to require identification in order to vote? Of course we have fraud, you’ve heard about voter fraud all your life.

Now we’re demonizing our Founding Fathers. Our Founding Fathers is how we got here. We’re here because of Columbus, Washington, Jefferson. There’s a reason we’ve thought of these men as great men all our lives. How can we devalue the men who gave us America?

If that’s how White people are being treated now, how are you going to be treated when Whites aren’t the majority any more? We have a problem coming and we’ve got to do something.

There are whole cities that want to be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. There are churches that provide sanctuary for them. Why the Hell is any American trying to protect people breaking American law? Why should people be able to cut in line in front of legal immigrants? Are Democrats so desperate for new voters that they’re willing to break the law to get them? I can see why they’d want an open border with Mexico. Of course that’s a great way for terrorists to enter the country. Has anyone even thought about this?

You’re not only being attacked for being White, you’re being attacked for being Christian – listen to what the atheists like Bill Maher say about us on television every day. This country got to where it is based on Christian values. And you’re being attacked for being straight.

Trans. Where did this trans stuff come from? We have two genders. Why would anyone in their right mind think that politics can change biology? Have they never taken a science class?

  • I’ll put in my own note here. My guess is that trans is not so much about politics as it is about biology. A very recent study was done checking water for microplastics content. They went to remote locations all over the world and microplastics is in All our water. When you change what’s in our air and water it’s going to have biological consequences. We see more cancer cases than we used to. Autism is becoming way more common. So is ADHD. And so is this mismatch between sex of the brain and sex of the genitals, a mismatch that has to be psychologically very painful. I think this is way less based on politics than people think, particularly people who are in denial about environmental damage, which this population often is. –

And then there are the Muslims. They were responsible for 9/11. They’re responsible for terrorism in Israel, a civilized country in an uncivilized part of the world, a country where we’ve been telling them we don’t recognize where their capital has been for the past seventy-four years. In Europe they disrupt countries that have welcomed them and they’re trying to establish Sharia Law. Do we really want more of them here?

Why are we paying to defend Europe? They have money. Japan has money. Why are we picking up the lion’s share of the tab? Why is that fair? And against whom? (This part is from before Ukraine:) Why Russia? What’s the problem with Russia? They’re not communists any more. Our real problems are with China. They’re competing against us, they’re going after Hong Kong and Taiwan, they’re stealing our secrets, they’re where COVID came from, so why are we concentrating on Russia?

All of these crazy changes are obvious and yet no one in Washington seems to notice.

And then along comes Donald Trump. The thing about Trump, the huge thing about Trump, is that he gets it. He’s the Only Sane Politician. Everything that’s obvious to you but not obvious to the politicians and the media is obvious to him. He’s not a career politician and he doesn’t sound like one. He’s not careful in that spineless way. He tells it like it is.

Of Course we have to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. A wall is a very sensible idea.

Of Course we need to favor White immigrants. White immigrants come from richer, more educated countries and we want richer, more educated immigrants.

Of Course the police are right. They’re on Our Side.

Of Course we should limit Muslim immigration. Are we suicidal?

Of Course Christianity should be paramount. That’s what made America. Everyone else should know their place.

Of Course we should knock off anti-White racism. It’s counterproductive, immoral, and ungrateful.  We’re White and we’re proud of it.

Of Course China is the bigger problem. Tension with Russia is a mistake.

Of Course Europe should pay its own way. The Cold War is over and we’re not Santa Claus.

Washington hates Trump. The Democrats hate Trump. But he’s your guy. He tells things like they are when everyone else lies to us. We all voted for him and they stole the election from us. And now they’re trying to arrest him. The FBI will plant evidence. Anything to get him.

And that’s what sends a former Naval sub-mariner over the edge enough to attack the FBI office in Cincinnati.





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