Woman Charged with Stealing Toys from an Infant’s Grave

Woman Charged with Stealing Toys from an Infant’s Grave:  Police say it took them nearly two years to identify and arrest an Ohio woman who was stealing toy mementos from the grave of a 14-month-old boy.  The woman’s attorney asked the court for mercy, claiming his client now realizes what a “grave mistake” she made.


Danish Study Outlines Dangers of Having Thin Thighs:  A new Danish study found that having thin thighs may raise the risk of premature death and heart disease.  Well, one thing’s for sure, eat enough Danishes and thin thighs is about the last thing you’ll ever have to worry about.



Substance Gives Naked Mole Rats Immunity to Cancer:  Researchers say Naked mole rats have higher concentrations of hyaluronan, a natural skin thickening agent that also affects cartilage and connective tissue – and is believed to stop tumors from developing.  The good news is, people given hyaluronan treatments could live cancer-free lives.  On the other hand, after repeated treatments, you’ll slowly take on the appearance of a naked mole rat – and probably wish you were dead. 

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