You CAN Take It With You

     Easley, South Carolina’s venerable Robinson Funeral Home knows what grieving people need.

     They need understanding, kindness, and understated efficiency.

     They need caffeine.

     They need Starbucks.

     Robinson’s Funeral Home features, along with mahogany caskets, candles, and flowers arranged to loved ones’ taste, the Taste of Starbucks. Its new coffee shop, called Coffee Corner, is attached to the funeral home. Coffee, noshes, and ice-cold fruity teas are all available to grieving families, funeral service attendees, and to those who, while not in need of a funeral home’s fine and obscure arts and sciences, may simply find a special comfort having their morning brew abutting those being prepped for The Beyond. 

     Coffee Corner offers Wi-Fi, a hearth, and television. Its funereal-baristas are Starbucks-trained. 

     And so, as it turns out…You Really May Have Your Latte To Go…                                                                      

                                You Can Take It With You.


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