You got some ‘splainin to do, Lucy!

As previously mentioned I have been spending a LOT of time knocking on doors in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign.  The conversations I’ve been having are interesting to say the least.


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The one that most prominently sticks in my mind from last week was one with a guy who had a Trump 2020 sign proudly displayed in his front yard.  The conversation went something like this:


Me:  I see from your sign that you are a Trump supporter.  Any chance of convincing you that Bernie Sanders is a better choice for people, just like you, who make their livings from non-“Big Ag” farming?

Him:  Nope.

Me:  Why’s that?

Him:  Well, among other things, Sanders is a self-hating Jew!

Me:  Huh?  Where are you coming up with that from?

Him:  Sanders supports “Arabs” and he has repeatedly criticized Israel.

Me:  You mean “Arabs” like Ilhan Omar? 

Him:  Yup!

Me:  She’s actually Somalian by birth, but you know she has been a  US citizen longer then Trump’s wife, right?

Him:  Oh…  well, he still hates Jews and that makes him antisemitic in my book!

Me:  :Laughing::  Come on…  you know as well as I do that criticizing Zionism or Israel’s policies doesn’t make you anti Semitic or means you hate Jews.

Him:  Sure it does.  

Me:  By that thinking if you hate the Nazis, then you hate every person of German decent.  You know Trump’s ancestry can be traced directly back to Germany, don’tcha?

Him:  ::slams door::



On my way home I started thinking about this conversation and I began wondering:

Does everyone who equated criticism of Israel and/or Zionism think like this guy does?  


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