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Quality control is a collective responsibility. While the editors try to read every article, eventually, if we are successful, that will not be possible. Therefore, we have to rely upon each other to police the website but that doesn't mean we are advocating censorship. We will not delete articles based on the opinions expressed in the article UNLESS those opinions include statements that violate the community standards to which you agreed when you joined BindleSnitch.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your complaints are completely confidential. The only people who have access to the complaint file are the senior editors.  Once complaints have been resolved, the complaints will be deleted from our files.

Complaints are serious matters. You should always try to resolve any conflicts by using the comments section or the Bindlesnitch chat before using the complaint process.

We operate under the three strike rule. Please refer to the Community Guidelines Item 10 for further details on this process.

The process for reporting abusive content requires a bit of effort. We did it that way on purpose, to screen out frivolous complaints. If you have an issue with an author's  statements, or a commenter's comments, the process requires a few steps, using this form.


In this process, you will have to switch back and forth between the article in question and this form. Do this by using the back and forward arrow keys at the top of your browser window, next to address window as shown here:

  1. Use the back arrow button to return to the article you were just on
  2. Jot down the title of the article and the name of the author.
  3. Copy the URL for the article from the address window in your browser.
  4. Use the forward arrow to return to this page.
  5. Scroll down to "The URL of the article in question."
  6. Paste the URL of the article into this block.
  7. Enter author's name
  8. Enter the title of the article.
  9. Go back to the article, find the offensive passage, copy that section and paste it into the "offensive content" block.
  10. Complete and submit the form.


The URL is the line of text on the top row of your screen, beginning with "" Copy the entire line and paste it into this box. Even if this is a complaint about a comment, you must specify the article to which the comment is attached. That's the only way we can find it.
Please copy and paste the specific comments that you believe are abusive or in violation of BindleSnitch policies as stated in the About Us page.
Explain why you believe this content violates our community standards.
NOTE: Complaints are completely confidential and are only available to the senior editors, but we have to know who you are in order to ask further questions.
We need the email address under which you signed up to verify your status as a member of BindleSnitch and to communicate with you about the results of our inquiry.

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